Abap/4 : Programming the Sap R/3 System [livro]

Editora: Addison-Wesley
Autor: Matzke, Bernd
ISBN: 0201675153
Lançamento: 2001
Páginas: 736

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Many of the introductory SAP books currently on the market provide only a brief overview of ABAP. In ABAP/4 Programming the SAP/3 System, Bernd Matzke builds on this information to look in depth at the programming language at the heart of the SAP R/3 system.

This new and fully updated edition of the definitive guide to ABAP/4 aims to make the fundamentals of this evolving programming language accessible to anybody developing or maintaining an SAP R/3 system. Starting with the basic principles, it explains the essential characteristics of ABAP/4 and the SAP programming concept.

With this book you will learn how to:

· Master the ABAP/4 commands in order to analyze existing standard applications and write new programs
· Understand function modules to use program code from other applications
· Create your own programs and construct your own test environments with an expansive set of examples designed to build up knowledge and programming skills

NEW! Covers new concepts affecting the development environment and program, in line with R/3 Release 4.6
NEW! Covers features of completely redesigned user interface
NEW! Reference section covering ABAP commands in Release 4.6B
NEW! CD-Rom containing source code of all examples plus SAP transport files with examples

The sample programs in this book were developed on a 4.6B-system but can also run on other versions of the R/3 system.